Exchange Trading and Electronic Auctions

Exchange Trading

To trade energy resources on the TB "Ukrainian Energy Exchange", you must obtain the status of a non-permanent member of the exchange and gain access to the Software Product "Exchange Electronic Trading System".

To do this, you need to go to the “On-line Accreditation” tab (Ukrainian or English must be selected), fill out an application form electronically, upload the necessary documents, check the correctness of the entered data and click the “Submit” button.

Within 10 (ten) business days, a notification about the decision of the ExchangeCommittee will be sent to your address.

If the Exchange Committee makes a positive decision on leasing an exchange space, you must conclude a Lease Agreement for an exchange space on the TB " Ukrainian Energy Exchange". The person(s) who will (will) act as a broker must undergo training at TB "UEB".

To gain access to the Software Product "Exchange Electronic Trading System" (PP BETS) you must:

  • Be trained to work in the Software Product "Exchange Electronic Trading System" (PP BETS).
  • Get a login and password to access the PP BETS from the TB "Ukrainian Energy Exchange".

The essence of the electronic trading system:

Software product "Exchange Electronic Trading System" (PP BETS) - complex information and technical solutions that ensure the interaction of the buyer with the seller (supplier) at exchange trading through electronic communication channels at all stages of the transaction.

The server part of the BETS software is located in a modern data center that meets the requirements of the standard Uptime Institute Data Center Site Infrastructure Standardat level TIER IIIand has the appropriate certificate.

BETS PP allows you to unite suppliers andconsumers of various goods in one information and trading space and allows participants to take part in electronictrading, and also provides a number of services that increase the efficiency of their business.

BETS PP operates fully automatically mode:

  • Access to the BETS software, registration of System users, participation in electronic trading is carried out using remote access via the Internet.
  • Participants see positions containing only impersonal price offers of others bidders. Bidding is carried out according to the auction principle.
  • Prices are determined exclusively by the buyers and sellers themselves during the bidding. The winners of the auction are determined at the end of the auction time based on the principle of the best offer.

Additional information can be obtained by calling +38 (044 ) 35-35-735or by sending an application letter in any form to e-mail: [email protected].