Registration Form for Non-Resident Legal Entity

Introduction text...

Аккредитация по направлениям  (Accreditation in sections)

Информация о компании  (Information about the company)

Регистрационные данные  (Registration data):

(формат записи: ЧЧ.ММ.ГГГГ)
(format: DD.MM.YYYY)

Местонахождении и контактные данные  (Location and contact info):

(формат/format: +X** XX******)
(формат/format: +X** XX******)

Банковские реквизиты  (Bank details)

Информация о руководителе  (Information about the Head)

Уполномоченный представитель, который будет выполнять функции брокера – 1 
(Authorized representative that is to serve as a broker – 1)

Документы, необходимые для заключения Договора аренды биржевого места и предоставления права на участие в торгах  (Documents necessary for the conclusion of the Agreement on the lease of exchange place and granting the right to participate in trading)

Client data confirmation and check code

(enter the calculation result)

After the registration is completed, you will be notified by email (sent to your address within 10 (ten) business days) about the Exchange Committee decision concerning the possibility to provide you with exchange seat lease. In case of a positive decision, a package of documents is attached to the email...